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      How to get Online Attestation in Chennai, Tamilnadu?

      One my friend living in Abudabi , UAE for the past 5 years and he completed his BE in
      Suguna College of Engineering
      Address Nehru Nagar, Kalapatti Road, Civil Aerodrome Post, Chennai(Dt.),
      District Chennai, State Tamil Nadu,Pincode 641014, Phone 4222913705

      Recently he get job in another company in Dubai he got offer letter from the company. Now he received mail from his employer regarding new visa rule about compulsory good conduct certificate from Tamilnadu.

      I read above said mail about good conduct certificate . It was mentioned that degree certificate must carry following attestations.
      1. Home department
      2. Ministry of External affairs in India
      3. UAE Embassy
      Also they mentioned that
      “good character certificate ” with embassy attestation is compusory for UAE work visa to ensure the safety of Country from 04.02.18 onwards.
      He cannot come to tamilnadu to get PCC and Attestation. There is any possibility to get PCC and Attestaion through online .

      Also I saw this news about compulsory good character certificate . This is also confirming the good character certificate necessity.
      “The new requirement of having to produce a ‘certificate of good conduct’ to obtain work visas in the UAE comes into effect from today.
      Earlier this year, a committee in charge of implementing the Cabinet resolution had announced that the certificate should be issued by the country of origin of the person, or the country where he/she has been residing in for the past five years. It should then be ratified by the state’s mission, as well as the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
      The certificate will only be applicable for the worker concerned and not his/her dependents. Those coming to the country on visit, tourist or student visas needn’t get the certificate either.
      On Saturday, when Khaleej Times contacted the Dubai Police call centre to find out how to obtain the certificate, we were told that if an expatriate comes to the UAE as a new employee, “he/she will have to get a good conduct certificate from his/her home country before the visa can be issued”.
      However, the official clarified that the certificate is not mandatory if an existing resident is switching jobs within the country. “But it’s up to the employer if they still want a certificate of good conduct issued by the local police from the employee.”
      When the decision was announced, the committee, which includes representatives from multiple government agencies, said the action comes within the framework of the efforts of the UAE government to create “a safer and more sustainable society”.
      “Making the UAE one of the safest countries in the world is the government’s main aim,” the committee noted in a statement.
      Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police for criminal investigation affairs, had earlier said that the certificate is aimed at preventing and reducing crime in the UAE. The new procedure will also help those involved in financial cases to clear their names and come back or continue to work in the country.
      “The new requirement will definitively prevent criminals from entering the country … The state has the right to protect society and its members,” he said.
      Major-General Al Mansouri also pointed out the Sharjah incident involving the rape and murder of a nine-year-old Jordanian boy, who was murdered by a person who had undergone a sentence in his home country for his involvement in dangerous criminal acts.”
      I inquired about this good character certificate and one of my friend told that PCC certificate has to be obtained from local Tahsildar where he is living permanently
      Another friend told that we have to get good character certificate and PCC one and the same and it has to be obtained from regional passport office.
      We approached one leading Attestation Services in Vadapalani, Chennai for UAE embassy attestation in Degree certificate and PCC certificate. They told that PCC has to be obtained from Superintendent of police Chennai and they further told that PCC certificate issued by regional passport office in Chennai is not valid one and it has to be issued only by Superintendent/Superintendent of Police in every district.
      We are very much confused about UAE attestation process and new UAE work visa rules for good character certificate(PCC) .
      Also we don’t know who is exact officer to issue good character certificate (PCC) in Tamilnadu

      Can you advise what is the exact certificate we have to get for good character for UAE in Tamilnadu ?
      What is the new rule introduced to make good character certificate (PCC) mandatory for UAE ?
      Who is the correct authority to issue good character certificate in Chennai , Tamilnadu?
      What is good character certificate for UAE in Chennai ,Tamilnadu?
      What is bonafide certificate for UAE in Chennai ,Tamilnadu?
      What is PCC certificate in Chennai ,Tamilnadu?
      What is the document required for good character certificate (PCC) attestation in Chennai , Tamilnadu ?
      What is the exact procedure to get PCC from Superintendent of Police in Chennai ,Tamilnadu?
      How long will take to get good character certificate (PCC) from Superintendent of Police in in Chennai , Tamilnadu?
      After Obtaining good character certificate (PCC) in Chennai , Tamilnadu How long will take to get PCC Attestation from UAE embassy in India ?
      What is the fee of good character certificate (PCC) Attestation from UAE embassy in Chennai ,Tamilnadu?
      Can you give any sample good character certificate (PCC) issued by Superintendent of Police in Chennai ,Tamilnadu?
      Where is Superintendent of Police office located in Chennai ?
      How to get UAE attestation in my degree certificate . Attestation requirement in good character certificate (PCC) and Degree certificate is one and the same or there is any difference in requirement ?
      How long will take to get good character certificate (PCC) attestation in Chennai through online?
      Is there any Government rules officially existing in tamilnadu to issue good character certificate (PCC) in Tamilnadu ?
      Where will be done UAE online attestation in Tamilnadu ?

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      global attestation

      I hereby explain the procedure to complete process that is required to get HRD attestation in Tamilnadu state issued Degree/Diploma/Birth/marriage/ single status certificates in Chennai secretariat, . I believe that this information will be very useful for all candidates those who wish to get HRD attestation to go abroad :-

      As part of international rules enacted by all the Ministry of External Affairs and HRD, it is mandatory for the candidates seeking employment in abroad to have their certificates attested by the Tamilnadu state HRD Departments located at Fort Sait George, Rajaji Salai road, Near Legislature and Secretariat, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600009.

      Chennai HRD process :

      If you are belongs to any city in Tamilnadu , ie Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore or Kanyakumari You have visit Chennai Secretariat for getting HRD attestation in Tamilnadu. There is no branch office located except Chennai.

      Normally HRD attestations will be done only if you have a valid employment offer letter from the respective employer/country. It is possible without offer letter also.

      Step1 :
      First you have to submit application with necessary documents. (have to submit original document with 2 sets of photocopies of all the certificates that needs to be attested . )Upon receipt of the same, the secretary to Government will issue one reference number. In future you have to use this number for all further correspondence.

      If you certificate is an degree certificate and issued by any one of following university you can complete the verification process through online. If you submit your certificate with verification code your attestation process will be completed in Chennai Secretariat itself. If your university is not mentioned in the list or your certificate is not issued by any university , then your hrd process will be done manually and the communication will be sent to concern department through post . After receiving verification letter from concern department ( For example Chennai corporation , DPI office and Inspector general of Registration )

      The first level attestation happens at the Secretariat in Chennai, you will have a go to Department of Public (Foreigners), this is next to the state Assembly inside the Chennai Secretariat.

      You have to fill up a form, 1 form and affixed with Judicial Stamp, this can be bought from the shop located inside the Secretariat .
      The original certificate along with 1 copy has to be given to the Under Secretary, who would in turn accept the same and give you a Reference Number, do not ever forget this number, all the certificates would be issued using this reference number.
      Any certificates that needs to be attested by Madras University, please do take time to go to the University from the third day onwards to ensure the faster processing of the attesting, because the official confirmation has to go from the University to the Department.
      On the third day morning, do proceed to the Department and check for the Dispatch Note Book on which the reference numbers would be marked which confirms that the certificates have to dispatched to the respective places. Give one day for the certificates to reach the University, please do ensure to meet one of the peons and give some tips to ensure that your certificates gets processed at the earliest. Please do ensure that you do this follow up until you are confirmed that the documents have been dispatched to the Department. Be prepared to spend about Rs.2000 to 3000 as tips and you need to give a DD to the University separately, please check the rate at the office.

      If your other certificates are from Autonomous Institutes, these certificates will be send to the Commissioners Office in Egmore for Verifications.

      Here it is very disciplined and very clear process. The visitors time is from 2.00 pm to 4.00pm only. Take a pass from the entrance by informing them that you want to go to IS. This is a very new cell. Kindly go there only during this said time and they will confirm the date that your certificate would be dispatched back to the Department and they will stick to that time line. This is the first time I met a set of true professional police officers, and they do not expect anything in return.

      Please understand that time is of essence here, unless you follow up regularly these attestation will be take its sweet time, these employees in the Department are not bothered about you. The reasons for the follow is also that these employees will not at later point say that your documents are missing which is a regular thing in this department. They will talk about time and they are not bothered about your time but their time. Exactly at 5.00pm.

      Once this attestation is over, the rest is all easy in Chennai. The next day take another set of copies along with the originals and go to the Ministry of External Affairs in the 7th Floor of DPI building in Nungumbakkam by around 9.00am and the Officer is available you would be able to get the attested certificate back by 5 pm.

      Once this is completed there are sufficient agents who can help you with the embassy attestation at respective consulate General office located in Delhi.

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