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      Dear Admin
      One of my friend belongs to Coimbatore district and he wish to marry an Malaysian citizen. They are planning to do Marriage function and Government registration in Malaysia.
      The bride family approached one temple in Kualalampur , Malaysia for marriage. They said , As per Malaysian law, To do marriage function in any temple or hall in Malaysia , first couples has to do register marriage and they have to submit registered marriage certificate issued by Malaysian government to book temple or marriage hall .
      They approached Registration department for marriage registration . But they are asking Single status Certificate for groom from India with Attestation.
      He discussed this with all his friends and he came to know that he has to Approached local Tahsildar for get Single status Certificate. He approached local tahsildar for Single status Certificate , but he is not aware about single status certificate and he told that in his service, he never issued any Single status Certificate to any one.So please let me know how to get single status certificate in Coimbatore district ,Tamilnadu.
      After getting single status certificate, what is the procedure to get Attestation in single status certificate.
      What are all the attestation has to be get for Malaysia.
      I heard that We have to get HRD attestation and Ministry of Affairs attestation for Malaysia . Is it true if yes what are the documents required for getting attestation for Malaysia and what is the time frame for that.

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