How to get UAE/Dubai Attestation in Tamilnadu

How to get UAE/Dubai Attestation in Tamilnadu :

If you eager to work or start business in the UAE or Saudi Arabia , then you require the attestation of your  Indian educational documents like matric, SSC, Grad degree from the state HRD of the state of Tamilnadu . Now even before proceed uae attestation, you should be clear about what is HRD . Since , you did your course from Tamilnadu, so henceforth , HRD will refer to Tamilnadu HRD only. The term HRD stands for Human Resource Development. Hrd in Tamilnadu is of two types, one which lies under the jurisdiction of the  state in India ( for example – Tamilnadu, Kerala ) and the other is at the center  known as Ministry of Human Resource Development or MHRD (Mantralaya. HRD is a Government body  both at the center and the state , which is appointed by the Government of India to carry out attestation for applying  overseas jobs. All foreign countries including UAE require authentication of Indian documents from the appropriate authorities in India, so as to avoid fraud and misleading information from the applicants. This is one of the important logic  behind HRD attestation requirements.

HRD and MHRD  undertake attestation of your certificates. For example, if you did your degree from Tamilnadu university in India and you wish to get job in UAE, then you have to attain   the attestation of your degree certificate  from the HRD of the Tamilnadu state as per the requirements of degree attestation for UAE to secure your work visa.

HRD attestation is a prerequisite for obtaining UAE Embassy attestation of your education certificate. This process is similar for all nearly all Indian states except Kerala, where the degree certificate attestation is carried out by NORKA ( Non Resident Keralites Affairs Department ). Usually, the time taken for HRD attestation is four six weeks for majority of Indian states. Since, you are in the UAE, you will need a bit more time, due to the massive number of applications received by the authorities. They first give preference to applicants residing in India and then overseas Indians. Additionally, if your certificate is in local Indian language, then you might have to submit an English and Arabic translation of your document, depending on the particular state HRD rules.

If you are going for skilled jobs in Saudi Arabia, the attestation process is similar if you have done your UG from Tamilnadu state universities. However, if you have done your graduation from central universities like  IIT , then the procedure is slightly different. You are supposed  to obtain attestation from the Ministry of Human Resource Development,since MHRD is the sole body handling central board/university attestation requirements. This is a mandatory requirement as laid down by the Saudi authorities.The MHRD will attest your degree certificate as per the norms of HRD attestation for Saudi. Both MHRD and the state government HRD almost follow a similar procedure which is explained below.

Detailed Process of HRD Attestation in Tamilnadu :-

In the beginning, you will be sending your original Tamilnadu degree certificate, passport copy, photographs to the designated HRD authority in Tamilnadu. You have to fix a slot with  them depending on their convenience. This is a difficult job , since government procedures are very slow. Take the assistance of an authorized agency in this regard . Next, the Tamilnadu HRD authorities after getting your certificate, will verify the information from the concerned university in Tamilnadu. After verification , the  authority will put their signature, seal in the space given on the papers. On your certificate , there will be ‘verified’ written .  Then the certificates will be handover to applicant or dispatched to your residencial address. One important point to be noted, is that MHRD attestation is usually much faster than state Goverment attestation and will be accepted by UAE embassy also.

Benefits of HRD Attestation :

There are many benefits of HRD attestation which you will get . The foremost benefit is that the validity of the HRD attestation is for your whole life. So, after finishing tanner in UAE, if you want to go to any other country, then you don’t require to go through the HRD process again, You have to get concern Embasssy attestation only  . Your original attested degree certificates are valid here also.